Careers that are common in Colombia and that are very well paid in Canada

Careers that are common in Colombia and that are very well paid in Canada

Some people look for opportunities to work abroad and that the career they studied is well paid. This is the case of some people who decide to take a risk and go to Canada to receive a good payment to work in the area.

Despite working abroad, on several occasions it’s not always what you expectbecause some careers are not well paid.

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Therefore, here at RCN Radio we have what are those careers that pay a million in Canada.

It should be noted that this list was made according to Natalia Perea, who is a specialist in employability and opportunities in Canada.


Doctors: 252,000 Canadian dollars, that is, more than 761 million Colombian pesos per year
Economists: 88,600 Canadian dollars, that is, more than 200 million pesos a year
Engineers: 67,000 Canadian dollars, that is, 202 million pesos per year
Dentists: 175,700 Canadian dollars, that is, 531 million pesos per year
Designers: 60,000 Canadian dollars, that is, 181 million pesos per year
Veterinarians: 101,000 Canadian dollars, that is, 305 million pesos a year.

It should be remembered that Canada opened calls for Colombians and if you are interested You can apply from October 2022.

What are the vacancies?

1. Manufacturing and machining (Engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical and automation)
2. Joinery, carpentry and building distribution
3. Health and social services
Four. Information technology
5. Food processing.

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