Cardinal Brenes: “Acts against the Church are expressions of violence and we will respond with the word of God”

the cardinal Leopoldo BrenesMetropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Managua, demanded that the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo cease all acts of violence against the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, after the National Police illegally broke into the Infant Jesus of Prague chapel, which is next to the Divina Misericordia parish house, in Sébaco, Matagalpa.

“That he stop all acts of violence against the Church, the priests and the faithful. We are not enemies of the government: the Church preaches the Gospel, love, peace and reconciliation. All these acts against the Church are expressions of violence and we will respond with the word of God,” Brenes told journalist Emiliano Chamorro, director of the outlet. Citizen Spokesperson.

After this new attack by the regime against the Catholic Church, the religious leader assured that the Ortega police officers committed an “act of sacrilege” by entering the temple; where they beat and arrested parishioners who were praying in the chapel.

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The new attack against the Nicaraguan church occurred on the night of August 1, after the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post Office (Telcor) closed at least six radio stations managed by the Diocese of Matagalpa.

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes
Moment in which the Police fired into the air to disperse the congregation that supported the authorities of the Catholic Church. Item: Courtesy

The Ortega regime, through the Police, armed robbery of the Infant Jesus chapel in Prague, in the municipality of Sébaco. “We want to inform the people of Nicaragua that at this time the riot police have violated the gates of the Niño Jesús de Praga chapel, next to the Divina Misericordia parish house in Sébaco,” the ecclesiastical authorities detailed.

The priest of the Divina Misericordia de Sébaco parish, Uriel Vallejos, who, according to the data, “is taking refuge in the Casa Cural” is housed in the chapel. “We want to make it clear that if they touch one of our priests, they touch the entire Diocese of Matagalpa”he added.

According to images released by the Divina Misericordia parish, where the bells ring as a warning signal, dozens of parishioners have come to the place to defend the facilities and equipment of Radio Católica and have been repelled by the police with shots in the air and tear gas.

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