Cárdenas criticizes AMLO's energy policy and cost of Olmeca refinery

Cárdenas criticizes AMLO’s energy policy and cost of Olmeca refinery

“First, maintain a simply extractivist policy and not allocate resources, not allocate hydrocarbons mainly to the petrochemical industry,” he said.

Cárdenas Solórzano also criticized that this administration is not modernizing the refineries, despite the fact that this week the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle, assured that 62,898 million have been invested in their rehabilitation and described it as a historical figure. .

“The refineries are not being modernized, it is essential to be able to modernize or accelerate the modernization of the existing refineries and from there reduce the importation that we are making of fuels,” said Cárdenas Solórzano.

Last Thursday, the Secretary of Energy reported that in the current administration a rehabilitation program has been implemented in the six refineries that includes both minor and major maintenance. Between 2019 and 2022, 491 interventions were carried out and 225 more are planned for this year.

“Now in 2023, the following table contemplates 39 major repairs and 186 minor ones, which are a total of 225 rehabilitation actions that enter as direct investment, regardless of the operation. For these actions, the investment is 62 thousand 898 million pesos, this is a historical figure to rehabilitate and return to optimal conditions the refineries of Mexico”, he assured during the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas criticized that the Dos Bocas refinery, one of the flagship works of this administration, had a higher cost than budgeted.

“I don’t know if it is the right solution, but it will certainly contribute. Unfortunately, it is having a much higher cost than what was budgeted for in December, at least three times more than what was budgeted for in December, for at least three times more than what was initially thought,” he said.

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