Caracas Metro activates temporary track between Antímano, Zoologico and Las Adjuntas stations

The Caracas Metro reported the activation of a temporary single track between the Antímano, Zoológico and Las Adjuntas stations, belonging to line 2, due to a train without traction.

The information was released by the Caracas Metro through Twitter. The failure occurred in the “Y” maneuvering zone at the Mamera station.

The eviction of the users was in charge of the underground staff, complying with the security protocols.

“Temporary Single Track is activated between #Antímano – #Zoológico – #LasAdjundas due to a train without traction in the Mamera “Y” maneuvering zone, which was evicted by the Operational Staff, complying with security protocols,” the company wrote. through your official account.

They resume work in the Caracas Metro

The underground system reported that the working class took over the works and works on line 5, abandoned by the Brazilian transnational Odebrecht.

In addition, it communicated, through its Twitter account, that the work is being carried out on the platform of one of the Line 5 stations. The objective is to attend to the displacement needs of the population that resides and works in the southeast of the city.

Finally, the Ministry of People’s Power for Transportation (MPPT), asserted that the work is progressing towards achieving the established goals.


Source: Venezuela News.

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