Caracas cuenta con nuevos Fiscales Ambientales

Caracas has new Environmental Prosecutors

This week, he graduated Seventh Cohort of Environmental Prosecutors of Caracas, after their training and accompaniment by a multidisciplinary team, to deploy to raise awareness among the population about the importance of caring for the spaces of the capital city.

This was reported by the Mayor of Caracas, Carmen Melendezthrough the social network account, @perfect managementwhere he published a short video with the swearing-in of men and women, who will collaborate in preserving the quality of life and the environment.

The Environmental Prosecutors of Caracas thus join the work that the Mayor’s Office of Caracas promotes with various institutions.

One of these instances is Recycling and Cleaning Technical Tables (METERS)Popular Power Organization for the Use of Solid Waste in Ecological Caracas. #YoCuidoCaracas, is one of their watchwords.

The members of Metras are part of the Popular Power that carries out invaluable work, in coordination with the community, ensuring that the schedules for the daily removal of waste, the recovery of spaces and promoting recycling are known and respected.

The Popular Power, expressed in METRAS, the Environmental Prosecutors and the ruling party (PSUV), together with Supra CCS (Caracas Urban Processing, Collection and Cleaning System), carry out these tasks in all the Caracas parishes.

“Teamwork with a single objective: Social welfare and environmental protection” is another of the slogans.


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