Caracas and Damascus talk about electoral experience

Caracas and Damascus talk about electoral experience

The president of the National Electoral Council, Pedro Calzadilla, met with the head of the diplomatic mission of the Syrian Arab Republic in Venezuela, Wael Deirki, to discuss the experiences of both nations in electoral matters.

Calzadilla thanked the delegation from the Middle Eastern country for its participation in the regional and municipal elections held on November 21, which served to define 3,082 popularly elected positions.

He ratified the interest and willingness of the organization to strengthen ties to cooperate in the electoral field with the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as its recognition of all the institutions of that State

For his part, Wael Deirki described the Syrian electoral system, which is governed by the Ministry of the Interior through the Superior Judicial Committee for Elections, the body responsible for organizing the electoral processes.

He also extended an invitation to the president of the CNE to officially visit his nation. He also highlighted the strengths that Syria has to promote reconciliation, after the armed conflict that country has experienced since 2011.

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