Captured alleged murderer of a sixty-year-old

Albis Matilde Rodríguez (64) was murdered last Monday with a shotgun shot, who at the time was lying in a hammock, inside her home located in the Bolivarian sector, Cantaura (Anzoátegui). The Cicpc has already captured the alleged murderer identified as Alexander Rafael Aguilera (50).

This subject was playing Creole balls on a court where Albis and his family were also present. At the end of the evening, Alexander gave Albis the line to his house in a Chevrolet Century.

Then he returns with a shotgun, introduces it through the window of the house and shoots, blinding Mrs. Albis, who died in the living room of her house. Apparently the subject wanted was to murder Albis’s son, due to old quarrels. The subject was captured on a farm near Cantaura, reported the scientific police.

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