Captain arrested for selling stolen vehicles

The Minister of Government, Eduardo Del Castillo, through a tweet confirmed the arrest of Captain Javier Alberti Uzqueda, accused of trying to sell stolen cars in Chile and offering them in Bolivia.

According to the Police, the officer will be transferred to La Paz where there is an open process for that complaint.

“Today, at approximately 3:00 p.m., DACI – #Oruro personnel arrested Captain Javier Alberti Uzqueda for the process instituted against him for the crime of illicit enrichment and others,” says the brief note published by the minister.

On May 20, Chilean investigator Hugo Bustos, representative of the Vehicle Search Group (GBV), revealed the case of Captain Alberti, whom he accused of acting in the theft of the vehicle in his country.

One day after that complaint, the Police General Inspectorate reported on the opening of a disciplinary process against Alberti Uzqueda. At the same time, it was known that the police officer deleted the Facebook accounts where he offered the vehicle, with which he even took a photo in the Salar de Uyuni.

In 2009 Javier Alberti was convicted of drug trafficking, he was also implicated in kidnapping and other crimes.

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