BB becomes the first bank to offer personal credit via whatsapp

As of today (2), Banco do Brasil customers will be able to contract personal credit operations via whatsapp. The bank became the first in the country to use the messaging application for taking out loans.BB becomes the first bank to offer personal credit via whatsappBB becomes the first bank to offer personal credit via whatsapp

The whole process is done through whatsapp. The client just starts a conversation with the number (61) 4004-0001 to contract the operation. The artificial intelligence assistant allows the simulation of conditions, such as due date, interest and value of the installments, before hiring.

Customers who already have personal loans with the bank will also be able to use whatsapp to follow the statement of operations. Until the end of the year, BB intends to expand the offer of credit through the application, including payroll-deductible credit, anticipation of income tax refund, anticipation of the thirteenth and vehicle credit.

In the last 90 days, BB made more than 23 million calls through virtual assistants. According to the bank, a large part of this total was related to doubts about credit operations. The technological solution, informed the financial institution, was developed based on customer reports.


BB was the first bank in the country to offer services through whatsapp, initially with balance inquiries. Later, the tool started to provide credit card statements and invoices. Operations through the application were expanded to transfers, payments, Pix and debt renegotiation, among others.

The bank pioneered several solutions without human interaction, such as sending an income report. Among other innovations, are the understanding of voice messages by the artificial intelligence assistant and the offer of a virtual assistant specialized in legal entities, in addition to services related to the INSS without human interaction and bank charges via WhatsApp.

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