Capriles asked the National Primary Commission to summon all the candidates on #5Jul

Capriles asked the National Primary Commission to summon all the candidates on #5Jul

Henrique Capriles believes that July 5 is a propitious date for the 14 primary candidates to meet and discuss the future of the country

The former governor of the state of Miranda and candidate for the primaries for the Primero Justicia party, Henrique Capriles, urged the National Primary Commission (CP) to summon all the other applicants who will be measured in the event on October 22 to a meeting to on Wednesday, July 5.

Through their social networks, Capriles considers that this date is ideal for “the meeting” of all those who registered for the primaries. “Beyond a candidacy is our Venezuela and the cause that Venezuelans are.”

He said that he is “prepared and ready” for said meeting.

The National Commission for Primary (CP) reported the Monday June 26 that after examining the candidates’ receipts, the 14 applicants who ran for the October 22 elections were admitted.

The applications began on June 5 and ended on June 24, after the Commission extended the period for one more day at the request of some political sectors.

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The CP indicated in a statement that the admitted candidates are Andrés Caleca (Movement for Venezuela), Andres Velasquez (LCR), Carlos Prosperi (AD in resistance); César Almeida (UPP89), César Pérez Vivas (Citizen Concertation), Delsa Solórzano (Citizen Meeting), Freddy Superlano (Popular Will); Gloria Pinho (For You Venezuela), Jose Hernandez (in the space reserved by Un Nuevo Tiempo); Luis Farías; Maria Corina Machado (Sales Venezuela); Roberto Enríquez (Copei) and Tamara Adrián (United for Dignity).

On Saturday, June 24, the president of the National Commission for Primary Education, Jesús María Casal, assured that the elections to choose the unitary candidate of the opposition “continue to be very robust, which, without a doubt, will reinforce the electivity of whoever wins.” and that it will allow us to achieve that objective of having a unitary candidate and a very strong candidacy to win the presidential elections.

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