El Concejo pide celeridad en la indagación a Santiago Guarderas.

Capital Council supports investigation to the Mayor of Quito

About the Mayor of Quito there is a complaint in the Prosecutor’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office for alleged breach of the rule that prohibits having assets in tax havens.

Since 2017, after a popular consultation, it was established that any authority chosen through elections must not own shares or be a partner in companies in countries considered tax havens for Ecuador.

And Alejandro Rodas Coloma, a constitutional lawyer, has pointed out that the Mayor of Quito, Santiago Guarderas, violates that rule.

Rodas, who has not ruled out a possible candidacy for the Mayor of Quitoindicated that on February 2, 2022, he reported to the Comptroller an alleged legal non-compliance with the Mayor, for which he requested a special examination. While in the Pichincha Prosecutor’s Office, Rodas denounced nurseries for possible crime of perjury.

The Mayor of Quito has not ruled on the matter, although this February 15 it accepted, to add to the agenda of the Metropolitan Council, the motion of the mayor Fernando Morales to include an exhortation of the Council so that the institutions give speed to the investigations and pronounce themselves.

“The Prosecutor’s Office has to do its job, the Comptroller’s Office has to do its job immediately. And the role of Metropolitan Council it is to request that immediacy,” said Morales.

His motion had the support of the 21 councilors.

Luis Reina, councilor, added that the Comptroller’s Office agreed to carry out a special examination in this regard. (AVV)


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