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Cándido Fabré complains to the Ministry of Agriculture, but asks that he not be labeled as an opponent

MIAMI, United States. – Last Monday the Cuban musician Cándido Fabré denounced that the property of the land inherited from his parents, in Santiago de Cuba, was withdrawn from him by the Municipal Directorate of Agriculture of the municipality of San Luis.

Through a live broadcast on Facebookthe popular singer expressed his anger at the measure of the local leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), which justified its decision by alleging that Fabré does not bear the surname of his biological father.

“This hurts. They evicted me from something that touches me by history. By right, I am the heir. I’m talking about my family, my brothers, those of us who were born in La Guadalupe,” said Fabré, showing the notification document. “Now they allege that I have no right because I don’t have my father’s last name in the land where I was born, where mine were born.”

Although Fabré criticizes the MINAG measure, he avoids confronting the Cuban regime. He points out that there are unfair laws that allow this type of eviction, but clarifies that his criticism is not against the system, but in favor of justice and truth. “I am not saying anything that goes against anything or anyone, but I am speaking in favor of truth and justice,” he said.

“It hurts that there are so many unjust laws and there is so little justice. La Guadalupe is a territory that I love, the land that my father and my old lady Sixta left me in the world, and now it is in the hands of someone who did not award it to them, but did have the complicity of many who sought a way to make it owner,” said the musician.

Despite his frustration, the musician reiterated his support for the Cuban regime, clarifying that he is not becoming an “oppositionist.”

“I never was, nor am, nor will I be an opponent, I am an opponent of injustice. Defender of my country until death, be it as it is, of this Revolution, but I do not applaud injustice, ”she assured.

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