Authorities urge prudence from Nicaraguans who defy strong currents

Alberto Uriel Romero Martínez, 48, was tall and strong. He went to the gym and worked as an insurance broker. The subject was traveling in a truck and lost his life when challenging the strong currents of a riverbed in the Valle Gothel sector, in the Veracruz region of the municipality of Nindirí.

The vehicle in which Romero Martínez was traveling was turned into scrap metal in the riverbed several kilometers from where it was dragged. At the time of the tragedy, the man was returning from visiting his mother, friends of the unfortunate man reported. He lived in Nindirí.

Alberto Romero Martínez becomes the first fatality of the winter season in Masaya, after Monday morning, he tried to challenge the passage of the natural channel when he was traveling aboard his truck with license plate number M 159-562.

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After several meters of being dragged next to his vehicle, the citizen jumped from the window of his truck to try to hold on to one of the branches of the trees located near the edge of the riverbed, however, he was unable to hold on, being dragged by the rain.

acquaintances regret

On social networks, citizens believe that the victim should not have trusted his vehicle more than the power of nature. «Many people say that it was a serious mistake; we all make them daily. In the midst of criticism, my longing for you to be alive, my joy would be infinite to know that you would be alive,” said Roberto Lampson, a friend of the deceased.

Residents confirmed that a man driving a black truck risked continuing his march through the same sector, but the assistance of locals allowed the event not to end in disgrace.

Likewise, a third truck was left semi-crossed on the same bridge when it was dragged by the rain current. Fortunately, there was only material damage and no more victims to regret.

Firefighters and Police agents began the search for Romero Martínez, whose remains were found seven kilometers from the Managua International Airport, on the shores of Lake Xolotlán. The authorities recommend that citizens avoid recklessness and not challenge the currents.

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