Campaign for free hand surgeries launched in Santa Cruz

Campaign for free hand surgeries launched in Santa Cruz

through the “Manitos Program”, the Santa Cruz Mercantile Foundation – You Can Believe in alliance with the SOS Mano Bolivia Foundation, the Government of the Department of Santa Cruz and the Japanese Hospital announce a new campaign of free hand surgeries
in the city of Santa Cruz. In it, people with limited resources who have acute and chronic nerve injuries at the level of the hand and upper limb will be intervened, with the purpose of giving them back the opportunity to use their hands and be able to give themselves and their families a better future and a better life. quality of life.

It should be noted that it will also be a teaching activity, since will perform complex surgical procedures of nerve transfers and/or grafts in those patients who suffered an acute or chronic traumatic peripheral nerve injury (not to exceed 12 months after the injury occurred), which took
to a partial or total loss of function of a segment of the upper extremity
(shoulder, arm, elbow, hand).

Interested persons can go to the following hospitals: of the Thousand Train Plan, Los Pocitos, of the Bajío del Oriente, of the Pampa de la Isla or the Francés.

Once people are referred by any of these medical centers, they can attend pre-consultations at the Traumatology Service of the Japanese Hospital, from April 25 to May 6, 2022 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

It is worth clarifying that surgeries are will take place from May 9 to 14 at the Japanese Hospital, will be jointly the medical staff of the SOS Mano Bolivia Foundation, specialists from ReSurge International, including: surgeons, anesthesiologists, physiotherapists and nurses; Likewise, it will have the support of the medical staff of the Japanese Hospital.

The beneficiaries will not only be operated, but will also receive the respective medical control, cures and rehabilitation through physiotherapy. The patients are
selected according to the severity of the injury and socio-economic status.

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