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Campaign for change of electoral domicile underway

The procedure will allow people to vote next year in a precinct close to their place of residence if they have changed their address.

As part of electoral calendar for the sectional elections of February 2023, the National Electoral Council (CNE) promotes a campaign of address change easily and safely.

This allows, for example, that those who have changed their place of residence pay the next year in a nearby enclosure where they currently live. And, in this way, choose the representatives that correspond to them.

The procedure can now be carried out in person at one of the 24 provincial electoral delegations. To find out the address and office hours of the electoral body in your province, go to the website: and choose the corresponding category (Pichincha, El Oro, Manabí, Loja, etc.) in the ‘Provincial Delegations’ option that appears at the top of the page.

The procedure can also be done virtually by entering the link: Once there, you must register as a user or enter your credentials (ID number and password) if you are already a user to perform the change.

Additionally, between April 14 and May 14 the CNE mobile brigades will be installed in the 24 provinces of the country in points of greatest influx of people so that they can access the service of change of electoral address which is free.

Once he CNE approve and publish the list for the next electionsthere will be nothing to do: if people do not manage to carry out the process, they would have to go to the precinct where they voted in the elections 2021 generals and defray there. (SC)

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