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Caminera delayed 441 drunk drivers during the last week

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In the week between February 27 and March 5, Highway Patrol inspectors carried out a series of controls in the different jurisdictional detachments as well as in the main routes of the country.

As a result of these procedures, it was possible to delay a total of 441 drivers who were driving while intoxicated, out of more than 8,750 alcohol tests carried out.

The highest number of drunk drivers was registered again in the Central department, amounting to 281, according to the report.

During the week, some 551 vehicles were delayed for various violations of the Traffic and Road Safety Law, including 111 motorcycles. Three drivers were sanctioned for lacking a license plate and another 17 for undue overtaking, while the remaining figure corresponds to those delayed due to a positive alcohol test.

The Highway Patrol reported a total of 52 road accidents, of which 22 did not record material damage, 22 resulted in a balance of injuries and 8 with fatal results. There are 31 people injured and 8 dead.

The entrance Caminera delayed 441 drunk drivers during the last week was first published in diary TODAY.

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