Camacho can leave jail for health in case of emergency

Camacho can leave jail for health in case of emergency

January 6, 2023, 4:00 AM

January 6, 2023, 4:00 AM

A guarantee judge yesterday rejected the freedom action presented by the defense of Luis Fernando Camacho, which asked to transfer the authority to a specialized center to attend to the two autoimmune diseases he suffers from. The governor of Santa Cruz must remain in the Chonchocoro prison in La Paz, however, justice, at the request of the Ombudsman’s Office, determined that in case of emergency and necessity The detainee may at any time be referred to a hospital.

“He has ordered as a precautionary measure access to all the elements that can ensure health and that in case of emergency and necessity, the judge, the prosecutor and the governor (of the prison) must provide the means and must allow the exit to a medical center (in Camacho). Actually it is a favorable resolution for us, we consider that the judge has acted correctly”, said Martín Camacho, lawyer for the departmental authority.

The governor from Santa Cruz suffers from two autoimmune diseases that can be controlled, although it makes him more vulnerable to contracting other diseases. These are hypogammaglobulinemia and Churg-Strauss syndrome.and requires specialized treatment in a completely sterile space.

The virtual hearing began after 09:30 yesterday, in the midst of a large vigil by social organizations at the gates of that prison in Viacha (La Paz), that they sought to avoid a possible transfer to a health center, as demanded by Camacho’s lawyers.

“The judge denies the guardianship requested by Cristopher Balcázar Jiménez, on behalf of Luis Fernando Camacho (…)”, said the judge assigned to the case that saw the action of freedom and then he made an amendment after the claim of the Ombudsman and the defense.

Camacho was apprehended on December 28, April Fool’s Day, in Santa Cruz in a controversial police operation, and then he was transferred to La Paz, where a judge sent him for four months with preventive detention to the Chonchocoro maximum security prison, accused of the coup d’état I case for the crime of terrorism.

After the determination of Camacho’s preventive detention, his defense presented an action for freedom for the “violent” manner in which he was apprehended, but it was also denied.

The second freedom action was to be dealt with in Santa Cruz on January 2, but it was postponed until yesterday because Judge Elvira Velásquez declined her jurisdiction to deal with it.

Before and during Camacho’s virtual hearing, social organizations such as the Federation of Neighborhood Councils (Fejuve) of El Alto They waited vigilantly at the entrance to the Chonchocoro prison asking for justice and to prevent their release.

“Fejuve El Alto has been in a state of emergency since the arrest of this murderer, coup plotter, and we moved to Chonchocoro because we found out that they are asking for freedom action. They want to release this murderer, we are not going to allow it and if that court or prosecutor who releases is released, they would be wanting Bolivia to be divided”, affirmed the leader Nicasio Ríos.

The Association of Women Unity for Peace, the Federation of Older Adults, the red skirts and the red ponchos also gathered at the place. On Tuesday there were some excesses and physical attacks against people who showed their support for the governor.

At the end of the afternoon, an advisor to the Santa Cruz Governor’s Office from the prison reported that he had not spoken to the authority since he was with his wife and that he only brought personal documentation and water.

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