Calls and visits to Cuban journalist and political prisoner Jorge Bello are suspended

Madrid Spain.- Cuban independent journalist Jorge Bello Domínguez, a protester of the July 11 (11J) sentenced to 15 years in prisonwas deprived of phone calls and family visits as a punishment from the regime for his recent complaints about the mistreatment and lack of medical care he suffers in the Combinado del Este, where he is being held.

In a recording of the last communication with his wife, Yuleydis López González, to which he had access Radio Television Marti, Bello Domínguez said that after his last complaint, the State Security agents “went up to him” and sent an officer from the prison headquarters, who told him that “they were very upset with his complaints.”

“They also accused me that I was summoning. I replied that I was not summoning anyone, and I argued that they interpret everything wrong and in their own way, and that I was simply making use of the only recourse available to me, because justice and the courts in this country are subject to the dictatorship. (…) So, they applied me as a repressive measure for two months of suspension of calls, in addition to family visits and the pavilion, ”said the journalist.

For his part, Yuleydis López González recalled that Bello has serious problems due to loss of vision and also suffers from diabetes, without receiving medical attention.

The journalist’s wife, who blamed the Cuban regime for what may happen to him, stressed that in prison “there are no medications, nor do they allow the family to take them.”

At the beginning of July last transcended that Jorge Bello Domínguez, former collaborator of CubaNet, he had been beaten by common prisoners who were carrying out orders from the Combinado del Este prison authorities.

From the beginning of this year until the end of July, the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Press (ICLEP) has registered 189 cases of arbitrary arrests, 126 restrictions in the digital space and 69 threats and psychological attacks; as well as 11 acts of abuse of state power and four physical attacks against independent journalists in Cuba.

In his most recent report ICLEP denounced having recorded 140 violations of press freedom in Cuba in July: 96 cases of arbitrary arrests, 22 restrictions in the digital space and the same number of threats and psychological attacks.

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