Call in Cuba for the 41st edition of the International Caribbean Festival

Santiago de Cuba, March 6 (Prensa Latina) The 41st edition of the International Caribbean Festival will take place in this Cuban city from July 3 to 9, according to the announcement circulating today under the auspices of Casa del Caribe.

With dedications to the 40 years of this cultural institution, the same birthday of Septeto Turquino and the three decades of the Macubá Theater Studio, the event will be adapted to the epidemiological circumstances of Covid-19 that already in 2020 weighed down the program of the 39th edition .

Although on that occasion the will of the organizers prevailed and programming was developed in the virtual modality, which ended with the traditional Burning of the Devil in the town of Barrancas, enclave of the Haitian legacy, the massiveness that characterizes the meeting was interrupted.

“Against all odds” the event was held uninterruptedly against the grain of hurricanes, tremors and other natural events, as well as circumstances of political instability such as the coup d’état in Honduras in 2009, when tribute was paid to the Garífuna culture.

On that occasion, the presence of President Manuel Zelaya, who was violently separated from his constitutional mandate, was expected in the city.

A lesson learned by the collective of the Casa del Caribe and other Santiago cultural institutions is resilience in the face of various attacks, in an admirable effort to sustain this meeting of brothers from Caribbean spirituality at all costs.

That vocation for resistance that has kept traditional popular culture alive for centuries will encourage the program of activities that the House will prepare, with respect to the restrictions dictated by the course of the pandemic.

It was already a good preamble, last January, the XV International Colloquium consecrated to remember Joel James, founder of the House and the Festivals, who left an impressive legacy in Cuban culture when he died in June 2006.

The poster designed by Alexis Caballero, with its bright colors and the flames that allude to the fire of the Festival, is a very graphic way to accompany these days prior to summer and the preparations for the jubilee in the middle of summer.


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