Calabria, about the FA: "Lack of respect" and "belittle" the work of the police

The general director of the Ministry of the Interior, Luis Calabria, pointed out this Tuesday against the Broad Front by pointing out that, as an opposition, it has “despised the work of the policemen” and “disrespectful to their work” by questioning the credibility of the crime figures announced by the government and attributing their decline to the pandemic.

“Since the first time we report crime numbers in this administration, the opposition has sought to question them“, said.

Calabria wrote on his Facebook profile an extensive text in which he states that the decrease in crimes since the Luis Lacalle Pou administration took office is due to “substantial changes” in security policy and “regulations”, in addition to greater “support” for the police with the Urgent Consideration Law, and not to the reduction of mobility due to the circulation of the virus, as has been pointed out by the Frente Amplio.

“Restricted mobility existed for a very short time in Uruguay. When they hit for public health, they say there was a lot of mobility. When they hit for safety, it is because there was no mobility. They are inconsistent, “he said.

In his letter, the hierarch listed a series of measures that the authorities adopted to add to their work strategy. Among them, he highlighted the channels available for filing complaints, the stock of tablets for police units and the connection with the Information System of the Accusatory Criminal Process of Uruguay (Sippau).

Between the administration of the FA and ours, the only changes that have taken place are the periodic administration of the data and that the data shows a decrease in the main crimes “stressed the director.

And in that line he elaborated: “In post-truth times, where everything is intended to be reduced to opinions, it is important to vindicate the weight of the facts, the data and, ultimately, the truth.”

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