Caja de Profesionales: government ruled out contribution of $ 4,000 for those who do not practice

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) and the Board of Directors of the Retirement and Pension Fund for University Professionals (Cjppu) ruled out the measure that was on the table to address the financial situation of the ask professionals who do not practice an annual contribution of about $4 thousand to help balance the red numbers and avoid bankruptcy.

This Tuesday, MTSS and Cjppu authorities met to deal with the issues related to the organism’s deficit and jointly evaluate the measures that the box presented at the end of February to the portfolio. Some of these initiatives require a bill that must be approved by Parliament.

Among these urgent measures that aim to address the financial crisis of the organization, one that generated controversy and stir within the community of university graduates stood out: ask professionals who do not exercise a mandatory annual contribution. In addition, it is intended that those professionals (who today do not contribute to the fund) declare non-exercise every two years. Today this procedure can be carried out for only this time.

This Tuesday, that measure managed by the new directive of the Cjppu was discarded, as reported by the List 35, whose representative in the Directory of the Caja de Profesionales is Blauco Rodríguez.

The deficit of the Caja de Profesionales for the period 2021-2026 would be between US$ 166 million and US$ 262 million on a stage means, medium while on stage pessimisticthe estimated amount of deficits It would range from US$238 million to US$329 million.

Controversy and demonstration

After the publication of the measures proposed by the new directive of the Cjppu to lower the deficit of the organism, a group of affiliates carried out a petition to the Uruguayan Parliament so that they can be analyzed “in a rational and serious way”. In turn, they requested an external audit of 10 years ago on the management of that state-owned box.

In a request made through the website and that so far has some 11,957 signatures, the professionals expressed their “disgust, discomfort and disagreement” with the measures proposed by the new Directive of the Cjppu. In this sense, they requested all Uruguayan parliamentarians” that approach the subject as “urgent” and analyze the measures “rationally and seriously”.

We believe that these measures not only aggravate the discomfort of some professionals and their work, but also contribute to a disincentive for self-employment, since they make the costs of the service more expensive.”, says the document.

Along the same lines, a group of university professionals They plan to demonstrate tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30, against the measures proposed by the Cjppu. Several professionals created a facebook group called March for professionals and their rights which already has 6,800 members since its creation a month ago.

We grouped together to march and claim before the Caja Profesional for the measures to be implemented due to the lousy management and its ineffectiveness, we demand a reduction in salaries for managerial positions”, they write in the group information.

Through the group, the professionals organized themselves to concentrate this Wednesday, March 30 at 3:30 p.m. in front of the MTSS, an instance where they seek to be heard by the Minister of Labor Pablo Mieres.

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