CAF approved a loan for US$340 million for water and sanitation works

CAF approved a loan for US$340 million for water and sanitation works

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The Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) approved a new loan for 340 million dollars to the company AySAintended for works to improve and expand drinking water and sanitation services in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, according to the agency.

This is a 15-year loan, which was approved by the body’s Board of Shareholders, and which will be used for the development of the “Basic, Primary Works and Secondary Networks Program for the AMBA”, which implies an improvement and expansion of water and sanitation services.

“It is a real pride that an organization like CAF decides to trust again in AySA, and this is thanks to how quickly we advance in the planning and execution of each of our works”said the president of AySA, Malena Galmarini.

The directive added that “when the priority of a government is placed on bringing dignity and well-being to its neighbors, the accompaniment of strategic partners that are committed to the development of an increasingly inclusive Argentina is really fundamental.”

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CAF’s corporate vice president, Christian Asinelli, highlighted the possibility that this project will have to “improve the quality of life of Argentines, equalize opportunities and promote sustainable development”.

The works to be carried out with this credit include the construction of the Campo de Mayo Treatment Plant, its trunk collectors and primary and secondary networks, which will benefit 166,000 residents of Malvinas Argentinas, Moreno, San Miguel, Tigre and José C. Peace with the improvement and expansion of the sewer service.

Also included are the next stages of the South Water System mega-project, which include the construction of the “Section II Underground River” and the “Esteban Echeverría Elevator Station”, to guarantee drinking water service to 1,300,000 inhabitants of Ezeiza, Esteban Echevarría and La Matanza.

“I celebrate that we continue to work together for the country we love. Each new work we start is a new home where there will be greater equity and social justice,” Galmarini said.

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