CAC intervenes Palo Alto Crossing in Barahona

CAC intervenes Palo Alto Crossing in Barahona

BARAHONA.- The Central Sugar Consortium (CAC), with the consent of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (DIGESETT) as well as the Municipalities of Palo Alto and Fundación, carry out improvement and maintenance works at the Palo Alto Crossing, in order to avoid accidents at this point, where drivers frequently have accidents due to the lack of lighting and signaling.

The traffic of the aforementioned crossing is diverted by the Foundation Crossing, which was also previously renovated by the CAC.

The intervention, consisting of the arrangement of infrastructure, signaling and lighting of the crossing, will improve the conditions of these two high-traffic points, reducing the risk involved by those who pass through there.

Other intervened crossings

Previously, the crossings of the Trujillo and Fundación Canals were intervened and marked, which contributes to the better viability of the circulation of vehicles.

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