Cabildo de Potosí determines national march and great council for democracy

Cabildo de Potosí determines national march and great council for democracy

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A crowded council held in the vicinity of the Bridge of Dignity in Potosí determined this Tuesday to convene a national march “for freedom, democracy and justice” for December 17 and ratified the great council in Santa Cruz for December 15. January 2022.

In addition, several of the conclusions of the civic meeting were ratified, including the demand to release the “political prisoners”.

“Let’s not let them intimidate us, because the worst thing all Bolivians can do is be afraid,” said the interim president of the Potosinista Civic Committee (Comcipo) Roxana Graz, before asking the eight questions to the population gathered at that point in the meeting. potosina city.

The first point approved was to demand the end of the repression and judicial political persecution against the civic president Juan Carlos Manuel, the president of mobilizations Ramiro Subia and the first vice president Nelson Gutiérrez.

In addition, they determined to demand the immediate release of former civic president Marco Pumari.

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In the second point, an immediate reform of the justice system and the Public Ministry was proposed.

It was also determined to demand the resignation of magistrates, judges and members, considering them “political operators of the masism”.

In the third point, it was decided to request a new electoral roll and the “absolute renewal” of the members and staff of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

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The fourth point aims to promote and promote actions before the International Criminal Court and human rights defense organizations.

Likewise, the council decided to take on the defense of lithium and, as a sixth point, determined that the delivery of any strategic natural resource to transnational companies will not be allowed.

In the seventh conclusion, it was decided to call a march “for democracy, freedom and justice” for December 17 of this year.

Finally, in the eighth conclusion, it was decided to convene the “Great national council, for democracy, freedom and justice” to be held in the city of Santa Cruz, on January 15, 2022.

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