Cabildo contradicts whites

Cabildo contradicts whites

Sign that “there is no agreement” for pension reform

Deputy Álvaro Perrone said on Twitter that the changes were not agreed upon and that they will continue negotiating with the rest of the parties.

The Cabildo Abierto deputy Álvaro Perrone denied on his Twitter account that the coalition parties have agreed to make 11 changes to the social security reform project, something announced by Juan Manuel Rodríguez, his counterpart in the National Party, the last Wednesday.

“We clarify that there is no type of agreement for the reform of social security; We continue to demand profound changes and more time for discussion,” the legislator said on the social network.

Before the consultation of Montevideo PortalPerrone argued that it is not true that the Executive has agreed with the parties that make up the Government and assured that the Cabildo Abierto will continue negotiating possible changes to vote on the project.

The senator and lobbyist leader, Guido Manini Ríos, confirmed the news. “For now there is nothing new, we will continue raising our aspirations,” he told Montevideo Portal, and added that he has no idea why the ruling party communicated something “that does not exist.”

According to the information that was made public last Wednesday, 11 modifications will be made based on proposals from colorados and council members. The Executive reported that it approved these changes in agreement with the parties that make up the multicolor coalition.

In a press conference, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, indicated that now the special commission formed to deal with the issue should continue analyzing the text with the changes made. (Montevideo Portal)

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