CABEI and the United Nations sign an agreement to promote sustainable development in the region

CABEI and the United Nations sign an agreement to promote sustainable development in the region

September.– The Central American Bank for Economic Integration and the Development Coordination Office of the United Nations for Latin America and the Caribbean signed a memorandum of understanding for the sustainable development of the region.

The agreement establishes the support of initiatives aligned with the cooperation frameworks for the sustainable development of the country teams of the United Nations and its Development System in the region, as well as those established in CABEI’s Institutional Strategy.

“We are pleased with this alliance with a partner of the caliber of the United Nations, with whom we will be able to strengthen the actions carried out for the benefit of the countries of the region, since the planned collaboration seeks to implement financing initiatives, including the design of technical assistance, as well as such as specific studies, among others”, explained Mossi.

In a formalization act held this Friday, the executive president of CABEI, Dr. Dante Mossi; the director for Argentina before CABEI, Maximiliano Alonso; the regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Development Coordination Office, Mr. Roberto Valent; and the United Nations Resident Coordinator of Honduras, Ms. Alice Shackelford.

CABEI, within its 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy, emphasizes its interest in accompanying partner countries in their efforts to reach new levels of economic development and better welfare opportunities, through strategic alliances that allow

create the necessary conditions for the development of projects that have a positive impact on the population.


CABEI was created in 1960 as the financial arm of the region’s integration and development. Its resources are continually invested in projects with an impact on development to reduce poverty and inequalities, strengthen regional integration and the competitive insertion of partners in the world economy, paying special attention to environmental sustainability.

CABEI is headquartered in Tegucigalpa with offices throughout Central America.

CABEI’s financial strength as the best credit in Latin America is supported by its high credit rating granted by different international agencies: Standard & Poor’s with a rating of AA, Moody’s with a rating of Aa3, and Japan Credit Rating with AA.

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