By POT, cloudy outlook under construction until 2023

By POT, cloudy outlook under construction until 2023

The annual assembly of members of Camacol Bogotá and Cundinamarca was held, in which once again the district and the union leaders put on the table their positions and advances on the Land Management Plan (POT). The event was attended by the Mayor Claudia Lopez, and there the president recognized that the issuance of the POT will affect housing starts during the next few months, due to the adaptation of the licensing system.

(Due to inflation, profits from construction projects have fallen).

“The initiations are going to continue well and it is normal that every time there is a major regulatory change such as the Land Management Plan there is also a year of adaptation to the licensing system. We are working hand in hand with the Planning Secretariat , with the urban curators, so that we have the regulation of the POT by June of the next year, after that period a bulk of active licensing will returnLopez assured.

In addition, the mayor of Bogota assured that despite the harsh criticism it was necessary to issue the POT by decree.

(Economic activity in Colombia grew 8.1% in February).

“We cannot expect to always agree on every detail, on every issue to move forward, if the ‘unanimite’ consensus were the requirement to move forward, we would not advance in democracy, so that what we have achieved in these two years with the Government of Cundinamarca, the National Government and the private sector is to agree on essential things,” López said.

She also added: “I am proud of the Territorial Development Plan, as the United Nations has recognized us, it is a good POT.”

In this regard, Alejandro Callejas, manager of Camacol Bogotá, assured that the regulation of the POT does not go according to the stipulated times.

“The District’s schedule is not fulfilled today, it could be said that since the month of January. We have presented three proposals so that the issues that concern us are included in the regulations, this was the commitment we made with the mayor, however, the responses we have had from planning do not go in time, “Callejas said in this regard. .


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