Butchers decide to raise the price of beef across the country

Butchers decide to raise the price of beef across the country

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The National Confederation of Meat Workers of Bolivia (Contracabol) determined in a national extension organized yesterday, to raise between one and three Bolivians the price of beef throughout the country.

“That determined the bases. Raising the price of meat was the last thing we wanted to do, “said Contracabol executive secretary, Jesús Huchani.

The cost of the product of the family basket increased a few days ago in the departments of Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Tarija; so now, the increase will be extended to the other six departments of the country.

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However, nothing ensures that there will be a second increase in regions where the cost of meat rose previously.

The Minister of Productive Development, Néstor Huanca, said that the butchers were “pressured” by the price of meat, due to the lack of “supply” of the product in the markets.

“Of course, the meat traders demanded that there was not a sufficient supply of live cattle to the auction centers by the livestock centers, therefore, this meant that the butcher brothers did not have enough meat and therefore they were suffering a issue of pressure due to the price of meat, ”Huanca told the press this afternoon.

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