Busy summer: the Broad Front announces interpellations and calls for a general commission

Busy summer: the Broad Front announces interpellations and calls for a general commission

The current senator Sebastian Sabini expressed that during the parliamentary recess, the Broad Front will promote several calls to the room or otherwise permanent commissions to emphasize the current cases on the agenda.

Likewise, from the Broad Front bench, work is being done to define the measures that will be taken during the parliamentary recess.

The Broad Front senator said “in these days new information has come out that in some way guarantees that there are still issues to be elucidated there, for example, in the Marset case where the different portfolios have carried out administrative investigations. It would be useful to specify the statement of the person directly responsible for delivering the passport and that she says that she was never consulted.

Sabini also mentioned the Astesiano case, and added “the cases related to corruption, where every day we are having news.”

The senator also made reference to the rate adjustments for the year that is beginning and considers that “it is deeply striking that these days we are knowing the figures that have to do with public services and everything that increases, even fuel. In addition, there is another thematic axis that has to do with nothing more than the economic situation ”

At the same time, “the situation of education, in relation to the educational transformation” will be addressed, and he maintained that “we understand the educational transformation above all that has to do with the beginning of the course, with the cut and also With what happened at this time it will have an impact on what the start of classes is”.

The issues that the Broad Front plans to address are those that have to do with specific portfolios. The Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education and Culture together with the National Administration of Public Education, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining and also the Ministry of Economy.

“Obviously we are not closed to other calls that could be made within the framework of the Permanent Commission but we understand that for the moment these are the issues that are going to be understood,” said the Frente Amplista senator.

“Once we have finished the ordinary sessions, it does not mean that other issues that are also being discussed and debated cannot be added, we are going to evaluate how the tourist season has been working and this is another issue that may also eventually be on the table. and another topic that we can approach is the increase in homicides, we do not close ourselves to other calls but we do not say that they will be interpellations either ”said Sabini.

He also added that from the information that will emerge in these coming months that he will be acting in the Commission and everything that results from the “balance of the different social, economic and political sectors” will be taken into account.

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