Bukowski was Colorado

Bukowski was Colorado

One of the most famous German writers of the last century belonged to the Colorado Party. As much as it is not expressed directly in his literature, one of his famous phrases makes it very clear: “Find what you love and let it kill you.”

This thought makes it very clear, especially in times where we see that people who have nothing, go out of their way because their party, the one that passionately and blindly loves them, to the point of humiliating themselves by jumping into a pool to make cheers, to the point of shouting and screaming until we are hoarse, even if there is nothing left in our pockets and we have a latrine at home, if we have a home, to the point of forming hours and hours of line to pay homage, among other daily humiliations to which those who love are exposed to what is killing us.

The cuckoo of “the others are worse”, something that we cannot know for sure, because for 70 years that party that is killing us has governed, it has been the best implementation of the Goebbelian propaganda system of systematically lying until it seems that what we say is true. We have the worst education in Latin America and one of the worst in the world, unemployment increases every day, a million Paraguayans have housing emergencies, our external debt has doubled in the last ten years, although we do not see the fruit of that indebtedness in the works or in improving the quality of services.

To continue loving the Colorado party is to continue letting it kill us. The fallacies that are repeated like a broken record about macroeconomics and works, echo in our minds already weakened by having received a very poor education, by believing that it is an aspirational personal achievement to earn a minimum wage, when in reality a minimum wage in the neighboring countries is simply a reference, while here it is a blessing.

They fill their mouths saying that we are going to be better off, but they are the ones who build their houses on municipal land, who include their relatives on the public service payroll, who if they want to go to work and if they don’t want to, they don’t nothing happens. They had 70 years to improve something, but they continue to kill, day by day, the hope of millions of Paraguayans to live with dignity.

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