Bonus 550 soles: These are the workers who will receive the subsidy

Bonus 550 soles: These are the workers who will receive the subsidy

State servers will receive a bonus of S / 550 thanks to an agreement between the Government and the employees of the public sector. Both parties signed the agreement on June 30, which also details an increase in their remuneration. It is a historic pact in which, for the first time, a collective bargaining achieves improvements of an economic nature.

There are 565 thousand workers who will benefit from this agreement, which would have a fiscal cost of S/ 830 million. The State will have S/ 514 million every year, as it is permanent in nature.

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Who will receive the 550 soles bonus?

The public servants of regimes 276, 728, Civil Service and special penitentiary and diplomatic careers They will benefit from the salary increase. It should be taken into account that the special health and education careers will negotiate at the sectoral level.

The workers of the 276 regime will obtain an average monthly increase of S/ 222.7. The rest of public servants will receive an average increase of S/ 840 per year. The monthly increase will be between S/ 51 and S/ 64, according to the type of contract.

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When can you get paid?

The S/ 550 bonus will be delivered in December 2022. They will be allocated S/ 316 million of national resources, which is endorsed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). The next step in the process is to negotiate in a decentralized manner through the unions of each institution. For this, some matter already agreed upon at a centralized level cannot be repeated, such as seeking an extra salary increase.



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