Broad Front supports Charles Carrera for alleged irregularity in 2012

Broad Front supports Charles Carrera for alleged irregularity in 2012

President of the FA, Fernando Pereira.
President of the FA, Fernando Pereira.

In the last hours it transpired that the current senator Carrera, when in 2012 he was director of the Secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, tried to hide an incident that occurred in Rocha, in which a young man was injured and later physically disabled, supposedly by a stray bullet fired by a police officer.

According to the program Santo y Seña, “after the shooting, the policemen closed everything, they did not preserve the scene, they searched for the scabbard without success, the weapon disappeared, and the victim denounces that Charles Carrera tried to buy his silence by illegally interning him in the Police Hospital and paying him 20,000 pesos for three years.

This Monday, Charles Carrera was received by the Secretariat and by the Political Bureau of the Broad Front.

After the meeting of the Frente Amplio political leadership body, the president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, stated that “the issue was analyzed and the senator was heard.”

He related that at that time “there was a very unfortunate incident involving some police officers. There was a summary and a criminal complaint. Meanwhile, the Institute of Legal and Social Studies of Uruguay (IELSUR) and the Peace and Justice Service (SERPAJ) asked the Ministry of the Interior to take action to address the social situation of the family.”

Pereira said that “the young man’s family was assisted through the delivery of food tickets, documented by the Ministry of the Interior, and by care at the Police Hospital.”

After ten years of the events, the man’s family questions those who were at the head of the Ministry of the Interior at that time and point to Charles Carrera, saying that it was an “irregular” fact that he was transferred to the Police Hospital for rehabilitation. .

The president of the FA assured that the attention in the Police “was requested by the family’s lawyers who at that time were from IELSUR and SERPAJ. Those who requested humanitarian aid were those who at that time were trying to protect, from the human point of view, a family. Then for what reasons that family changed their minds, we don’t know.”

Pereira remarked that “there was a summary, the policeman was removed from the charge, there was an investigation, and the Justice filed the case.”

“For all this we understand that our colleagues in the Ministry of the Interior acted in a good way, attending to the legal and humanitarian aspect that cannot be allowed to be left aside”, remarked the president of the FA.

He added that it is clear that there was no abuse of functions and no type of cover-up of the case. “An irregularity would have been not attending to the person.”

Systematic attack on FA

Pereira questioned that there is a systematic attack on the Broad Front.

He stressed that they are trying to “hurt” the main figures of the Front and there is also an attack on people and their families.

“There is an intention to damage the image of the leaders of the Front, motivated by a statement by government representatives that they have to ‘stop looking at their navel to fight the FA,'” he questioned.

“They are trying to damage the image of a party that has headed towards 2024 and has built an organization to govern again, this generates nervousness,” Pereira said.

For all these reasons, the Political Table and the FA Secretariat fully support Carrera’s actions. “We don’t sweep problems under the rug.”

“We were convinced by your explanations. We defend the freedom to defend ourselves when someone declares a fight against us, the harshest word used in politics because they believe that there is an enemy on the other side,” Pereira said.

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