Abinader on miners: Soon Gregory and Carlos will return to their homes

Abinader on miners: Soon Gregory and Carlos will return to their homes

«The rescue work of the miners trapped in the Cerro de Maimón mine continues. The drilling machine that arrived from Canada has been in action since last night. Thus expressed the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, when referring to the departure of Gregory and Carlos from the mine.

The head of state remains hopeful that the workers will soon return home.

Abinader referred to the subject through his Twitter account.

More than 70 technicians, national and international, with extensive experience in geotechnics and rock slides, are currently in the work camp and until yesterday they had excavated 60 meters of the 74 they must carry out to reach Gregore Mendez and Carlos Yepez.

Poul Marinko, president of Cormidom, clarified that 75 percent of the gallery tunnel has been completed, which is being built as one of the accesses for the rescue of the miners.

It is expected that as soon as possible, the families and the press will be informed that the machines or other equipment have reached their location.

Poul Marinko has repeatedly told the press that he is confident that the boys will leave the mine as soon as possible and in good health. Relatives of the miners pray for the workers to come out of the mine alive.

The relatives hope that with the devices they received from Canada and Opret they can get the miners out in the next few days.

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