Brazil: Seven soccer players will go on trial for match-fixing

Brazil: Seven soccer players will go on trial for match-fixing

The players who will sit on the bench of the accused are: Eduardo Bauermann (Santos), Igor Cariús (Sport), Victor Ramos (Chapecoense), Paulo Miranda (Náutico), Fernando Neto (Sao Bernardo), Matheus Gomes (Sergipe) and Gabriel Tota (Ypiranga).

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The Brazilian authorities identified the manipulation of the results of at least “13 football matches”of which eight were from the First Division of the 2022 Brazilian Championship and one from the Second Division, according to the Public Ministry in a note.

According to the research, the footballers promised to “commit penalties” and “fouls” to receive yellow and red cards with the aim of favoring a “criminal organization” dedicated to bets sports.

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The gang was in charge of recruiting “professional footballers” for, in exchange for a considerationwhich ranged from 10,000 and 20,000 dollars“guarantee” that certain actions occurred in the matches and “thus ensure the success of high sports betting” on platforms such as “Bet365” and “Betano”.

The Goiás State Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the case, affirmed that it managed to compile a “extensive probative material”, which includes screenshots of conversations and audio transcripts between the defendants, obtained by judicial authorization.

The others nine people prosecuted by the Justice are the presumed members of the irregular betting network.

In the lawsuit, the Public Ministry de Goiás also requested the Justice to impose on the accused he pay of one penalty fee of at least two million reais (about $400,000) for “collective non-pecuniary damage”.


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