Brazil: Judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil orders to block Telegram

Judge Alexandre de Moraes, of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) of Brazil, determined this Friday that digital platforms and internet providers adopt mechanisms to block the use of the Telegram application in the country.

Moraes responded to a request from the Federal Police stating that “the Telegram application is notoriously known for its position of not cooperating with the judicial and police authorities in several countries”, which makes it “a free field for the proliferation of content diverse, even with repercussions in the criminal area”.

According to the G1 portal, the decision, issued in a precautionary manner, occurs after Telegram did not respond to court decisions to block profiles identified as disseminators of false information.

“The Telegram platform, on all those occasions, stopped attending to the judicial command, in total disregard of the Brazilian Justice,” added the magistrate.

Moraes established a fine of 100,000 reais (about 20,000 dollars) for those who do not obey the decision.

Telegram has a great impact throughout the country, as it is currently installed on 53% of Brazilian cell phones.

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