BPS housing complexes will provide leisure activities for older adults

BPS housing complexes will provide leisure activities for older adults

The Social Security Bank (BPS) and the Astur Foundation signed an agreement, this Monday 19, with the aim of serving the elderly population of the agency’s housing complexes, through activities that promote active aging. The head of the BPS, Alfredo Cabrera, stressed that these actions seek to improve the quality of life and combat the social exclusion of these people.

The president of the foundation, Enrique Iglesias, the general director, José María Puppo, and other authorities from both institutions also participated in the presentation of the agreement.

The president of the BPS indicated that the proposal will begin in one of the organism’s housing complexes and that these actions seek to enrich the quality of life of this population and fight against the loneliness they may feel. In addition, he stressed that the improvement of the service offered to older adults is encouraged.

“Housing is not everything in societies like ours, where there is an aging and greater longevity of older adults,” reflected Cabrera.

Iglesias, meanwhile, argued that these small accompaniment experiences are a way to stimulate company between older people and between generations. “This is a commitment to coexistence,” he emphasized.

The BPS informed that the activities will promote active aging, through a socio-educational process that implies the strengthening of integration, socialization, support networks, protection, care and the promotion of the autonomy of this age group.

The sessions will be held from Monday to Friday. Astur will provide the coordinators, workshop leaders and supplies to carry them out and the BPS will select the complexes in which they will be held and will support their implementation.

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