BPS: Driven by Covid, Medical Certifications Up 63% in January

The Social Security Bank (BPS) reported, on its website, that in January certifications due to illness rose by 63.35%and that therefore the BPS disbursed $1,265 million; in December it had been $774 million. Compared to January 2021, the increase was 53.98%.

On the other hand, the number of beneficiaries climbed 103.94%; which corresponds to 113,172 people. In December, 55,493 people had been certified sick. In relation to the same month of the previous year, the increase was 84.24%.

This increase is due to the exponential growth of covid-19 cases that has been registered since the end of December and that had its maximum peak around the end of the first month of January. To such an extent were the covid cases that generated this increase that six out of ten medical licenses were due to the virus.

Almost 68 thousand people were certified for the virus (59%) and 4.7% (5,295 beneficiaries) for the indirect effect of covid, and 35.6% (40,281 people) for other pathologies.

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