El welter cubano Roniel Iglesias (izq) tras una victoria en los Juegos Olímpicos de Río de Janeiro 2016. Foto: Roberto Morejón / Jit / Archivo.

Boxing: double Olympic monarch Roniel Iglesias will take on his second challenge as a professional

Two-time Cuban Olympic champion Roniel Iglesias will face Colombian Luis Díaz on July 1, in a fight agreed to over eight rounds included in a poster for professional boxers to be held in the Mexican city of Monterrey.

In accordance with a published note through the website Hitthe rival of Iglesias from Pinar del Río is 28 years old, has 23 wins (14 KO), 10 setbacks (8 KO) and a draw, which means he has experience in rented circuits.

The media points out that those who direct the preparation of the welterweight indicated that he shows “optimal form” and that he is currently “concentrated on training and adjusting the work in relation to the demands of the number of rounds.”

The president of the federation of this sport on the island, Alberto Puig de la Barca, told the media that the preparation will continue during the Playa Girón national contest, to be held from this Monday in Camagüey, where Iglesias will seek his twelfth crown in those contests. .

Hit recalls that the 2009 world champion also participated in the sweep with which several fighters from the island, under the name of Domadores de Cuba, hit mostly Mexican rivals, during an evening held on May 20 in the state of Aguascaliente.

His compatriots Osvel Caballero, Lázaro Álvarez, Yoenlis Hernández, Arlen López and Julio César La Cruz also made their professional boxing debut with flying colors.

Roniel faced Mexican Brandon Pérez in his debut, and liquidated him with a left hook that occupied prominent space in the reviews of an evening, in which only Lázaro Álvarez needed to cover the six acts that were scheduled for those fights.

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