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Border controls: check vehicles for weapons and drugs

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An International Operation against Organized Crime is carried out in Ciudad del Este, where vehicles are randomly checked, looking for arms and drug traffickers.

A joint preventive procedure between the Paraguayan Navy, the National Police, Interpol and Customs, takes place this Saturday mainly in Ciudad del Este, but also in other border cities such as Salto del Guairá, Pedro Juan Caballero, Puerto Falcón, among others.

“We are carrying out controls both by water, with the Navy, and here in the Primary Zone with Customs and Dimabel and with the Municipal Police for traffic regulation,” Deputy Commissioner Juan Torres, head of Public Relations for the Interpol.

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With a portable manual scanner, the verification of vehicles is carried out, in order to detect firearms or some type of narcotic substancesthrough the Administrative Coordination of Customs Investigation (CAIA).

The procedure continues and so farwith regard to Ciudad del Este, there was only one person arrested, that he had an arrest warrant for breach of duty to support.

Actions undertaken jointly are part of a pilot plan that is intended to be implemented, as a way of combating organized crime, which has its unavoidable passage through the border.

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