Feria Libro decepciona primer día  a  visitantes

Book Fair disappoints visitors on its first day

Santo Domingo.- Dozens of men were still working hard this Saturday on the installation of the booths that will serve as counters for the bookstores that will put their merchandise on sale, on what would be the first day of the XXIV Santo Domingo International Book Fair 2022which began yesterday, Friday, and will last until May 2.

Some metal structures with barely any blankets in some places, others almost finished where they began to put the books, vehicles loaded with things, as well as cars, jeeps and motors passing by the visitors who walked along Las Dama street without any kind of security was the atmosphere that existed yesterday in the area.

As you can see, the stands open to the public were not yet fully installed yesterday afternoon.
As you can see, the stands open to the public were not yet fully installed yesterday afternoon.

After two years of absence, the International Book Fair returns to the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, thanks to the removal of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A part of the population eagerly awaited the celebration of this activity to be able to see book covers, leaf through one or another copy, feel the paper on their fingers and the seductive power of writing and finally buy the chosen copy at a good price.

You can read: https://elnacional.com.do/cultura-inaugura-23-feria-del-libro-con-emotivo-ceremonial-y-sin-lluvia/

Other citizens, although not very interested in reading, await it with the same excitement since a book fair also lends itself to having a good time or simply strolling, sharing, having fun and taking the children to the different activities that are carried out.

This XXIV International Book Fair Santo Domingo 2022, its motto is “Come to the book”, and is dedicated to the Dominican writers Carmen Natalia and Pedro Peix, and the European Union as a special guest.

There will be 70 invited personalities from 15 countries, 12 Dominican authors from the diaspora, 100 international publishers and 150 national writers. 85 new books and magazines will be put into circulation, 15 belonging to the National Publisher.

Pavilion of the European Union, to whom the Book Fair is dedicated this year, which was the only one that worked this Saturday.

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