Bonilla insists on returning to his seat in the Senate;  they ask for caution

Bonilla insists on returning to his seat in the Senate; they ask for caution

“It is not honorable to earn a salary if you are not working, and they are demanding that I come,” he said of his Baja California constituents.

But the president of the board of directors of the Senate, Olga Sánchez Cordero, affirmed that today she personally asked her not to appear at the Session of the Permanent Commission and not take the roll call, and even revealed that she asked the Administrative Services area of ​​the Senate not to perform diet payment.

“I turned the trades over to the administrative services secretary, so as far as I understand, payments are suspended,” explained the legislator, who, however, asked to confirm that her order has been fulfilled, since there is no security.

Regarding Bonilla going to the Senate, occupying the offices that correspond to the Senate of Baja California and having the support of the staff, the legislator justified it because, she said, they are grassroots workers attached to that office.

“I saw him in the session prior to the session of the Permanent Commission that we have in Morena, and I told him and asked him not to appear at the plenary session, because this subjudge (pending) his case, since it was resolved in the first instance, but the final ruling is missing,” he said.

For this reason, the legislator maintained, “he did not appear at the session or call the roll, nor have we called him,” and considered that he should be “wise to wait for the resolution” of the Superior Chamber of the TEPJF.

The Guadalajara Regional Chamber of the TEPJF resolved on May 5 that Bonilla, being a senator with a definitive license, opted for that popularly elected position when he swore as state president in 2019 and exhausted his right to choose between the two positions.

In this way, Gerardo Novelo Osuna, who was his substitute in the Senate, should hold office until the end of the legislature, in 2024.

Bonilla, faced with the unfavorable sentence, went to the TEPJF, while the PAN also challenged the eventual return of the former president to the seat.

According to Bonilla’s press office, he “has not stopped coming” to his office and as Sánchez Cordero herself has told him, “he is still a member, he can go to their offices and to sessions.”

This is because contrary to the position that Sánchez Cordero assumes today, on May 9 he stated that “without problem” Bonilla Valdéz could return to the Senate, until the matter remained subjudice, pending resolution in the Superior Chamber of TEPJF.

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