Bones found in the Post Office are from animals

Bones found in the Post Office are from animals


A few days ago, a health worker said that in the 1990s he found human remains in the basement of a Post Office building in Ciudad Vieja, located in Buenos Aires and Ituzaingó (next to the headquarters) that during the dictatorship (1973-1985) It functioned as a parking lot for the Presidency of the Republic. Today it is a post office.

In the last few hours, the director of the National Institution for Human Rights and Ombudsman (INDDHH) Mariana Mota said on Radio Cultura that the excavations began less than a week ago and are coming to an end.

I assure you that the bone remains that were found “are animal remains.”

He stressed that it is a “very specific” space and the information is “very precise”.

“He reported bones, without specifying what type of bones, or how many. The purpose of the excavation was to verify that information, taking into account that it was a space that could be accessed,” Mota remarked.

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