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Bollywood will begin filming its first film in Panama with talent from the patio

The businessman, filmmaker and actor of Indian origin Prabhakar Sharan, announced that the world’s largest film production house, BOLLYWOOD, is carrying out the procedures to arrive in Panama and start filming its first film, with Panamanian and regional talents. It already has its production team in Costa Rica.

Sharan who was accompanied by Upender Singh Rawat, Ambassador of India to Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua; Asim Kumar, Commercial Attaché of the Indian Embassy, ​​Mónica Vaswani, Secretary of the Embassy, ​​among other distinguished guests, thanked the Panamanian people for the opportunity to realize a dream such as making movies in this country.

Among the prominent Bollywood representatives who are on Costa Rican soil, he mentioned Rohit Chaudhury Bahul (Producer), Manish Mishra (Executive Producer), Suresh Tehchandani (Co-Executive Producer), Rajiv Verma (Director), Megha Namdev Verma (Assistant Director), under the advice of the prominent educator and director of the Castro Carazo University of Paso Canoas Teresa Rodríguez Cerdas, who was the producer of the first Bollywood-style film in Latin America.

He explained that it has been a year of hard preparatory work with the entire Bollywood technical and production team to finalize this film project and to be able to share the good news that is shared here today with the Panamanian people from this important showcase that is Expocomer.

“For the second consecutive year our company Pacific Investment Corporation is pleased to be part of this great commercial window bringing companies from India and developing a solid alliance between Latin America and India, opening, through Expocomer, a new way to develop production movies in this country,” said Sharan.

He maintained that for more than 15 years he has strengthened the commercial relationship with his country of origin, and above all, based in Panama and Costa Rica, he has developed cinema, culture and higher education hand in hand with the most important Bollywood companies, which today they see an opportunity in this region to expand their film industry.

In this context, Sharan reported that the first film that he will film on Panamanian soil and Costa Rica is called “Monteverde Bravery”, an adaptation of the book “A Mano Armada” by the Costa Rican writer Huanelgue Gutiérrez, a former officer of the Special Intervention Unit of Costa Rica. Rica, based on a true event, a film that will address respect for the public force, their hard work, training and daily sacrifice for the citizen protection of their people, which is proposed for all the countries of the region, highlighting their courage and heroism .

“I think that young people today need real heroes, heroes who serve as a reference and be examples and inspiration, and our first film seeks to highlight those values ​​in the story of a police officer that we are sure will have a great film and social impact,” detailed the businessman.

Sharan said that he expects all the support from the Panamanian government and its institutions in terms of the paperwork and procedures to have the endorsement that is required for a mega project like this, and once the requirements have been met, he hopes to start production at the end of next May. .

During the conference, Prabhakhar Sharan also informed that the work “Heroics to the Untamed Urracá”, by the Panamanian writer and Mayor of Santiago de Veraguas, Samid Sandoval, will be made into a movie as the second production in Panama after Monteverde Bravery, with the label from Bollywood.

“The story of the Panamanian indigenous chief and hero Urracá that the writer Samid Sandoval describes with mastery in this great epic of America made a great impact on me, as well as on the Bollywood producers and we have made the corresponding approaches with Mayor Sandoval not only to make the film but also serve as a base to develop cinema in this country and in the region, working closely with the local talent and creativity that today stands out with this renowned government official”, said Sharan.

Finally, the businessman also highlighted that in addition to his work and passion for cinema, his company Pacific Investment Corporation is providing services in the field of higher education, electric mobility and the development of unique agricultural nanotechnology in the world with the support of the Indian government, having already completed several international representation contracts, with an important contribution to the Panamanian economy.

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