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MEP Javier Nart sponsors the political prisoners Jaime and Rodrigo Navarrete

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MEP Javier Nart sponsors the political prisoners Jaime and Rodrigo Navarrete

MEP Javier Nart continues to demand the release of Nicaragua’s political prisoners. For this reason, he decided to sponsor James and Rodrigo Navarrete —nephew and uncle respectively—, captives in the Jorge Navarro de Tipitapa Penitentiary System, known as “La Modelo”, in Tipitapa.

The initiative is within the framework of the campaign “Breaking chains, sponsor a political prisoner”promoted by the Casla Institute, which consists of supporting prisoners of conscience and demanding their immediate release.

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«We have Jaime and Rodrigo, nephew and uncle, imprisoned simply for asking for freedom, democracy, respect for human rights: for asking for everything we fought for —in the 1980s war in Nicaragua—, for which many died and for what many of us thought was the path to freedom,” said the parliamentarian.

Nart denounced that both opponents “have had their bones broken, they have them in abject conditions, they don’t even give them the chance to go out to see the sun, they deny them medicines and it’s almost a miracle that food reaches them in good condition.” elementals’.

He also indicated that, according to his relatives, the hostages of the dictatorship have stated “that we have all forgotten about them, but it is not true, because neither I nor thousands of people around the world have forgotten about Jaime and Rodrigo Navarrete.” .

«We have not forgotten them nor will we ever forget them; We will be with them until they recover what they should never have lost, freedom,” stressed the MEP.

Regarding the Nicaraguan regime, Javier Nart recalled that in June 1979 he met the dictator Daniel Ortega, when the Sandinista Front opened up in combat against the Somoza dictatorship “so that Nicaragua would stop being the patrimony of a family and that it would stop To be the country where torture, repression, the violation of human rights and the lack of democracy were constant.

However, he said that currently, Ortega “is everything he said he was fighting for. Today we have Daniel Orteguismo regarding what the brutal repression of the Somoza dynasty meant”.

Ortega refuses to release Jaime Navarrete

The political prisoner Jaime Navarrete Blandón has already served his sentence imposed by the courts of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. Since January of this year he should have been released, but he remains captive in the cells of the National Penitentiary System (SPN), known as “La Modelo”.

The Be Human platform recently denounced that the political hostage is sick. They mention that the prison authorities deny that he be seen by a specialist so that they can determine the causes of his illnesses and give him medicine to alleviate the illnesses.

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“Jaime Navarrete has been detained in” La Modelo “since July 2019, and despite having served his sentence in January 2023, they are still imprisoned in inhumane conditions,” the organization says on its Twitter account.

Margin Blandón, Navarrete’s mother, reported this Monday, March 27, through her Facebook profile, that it has been 50 days since she has heard from the opponent, and that the prison authorities do not allow her to receive food.

Jaime Navarrete is serving a sentence imposed by the Ortega court

Navarrete was kidnapped for the first time in 2018 and sentenced to 24 years in prison, allegedly for having murdered a paramilitary, however he was released from prison under the controversial Ortega Amnesty Law on June 10, 2019. A month later he was arrested again.

As for Rodrigo Navarrete, 59 years old, he was captured by the Police on November 25, at his home, located in the Loma Linda neighborhood. Unofficial sources affirm that the raid on the home of the now political prisoner occurred in the early hours of the morning, but the prosecution’s accusation indicates that it happened at 10:20 in the morning.

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo filed charges for alleged “illegal possession or possession of firearms and ammunition” against Rodrigo Navarrete, uncle of the political prisoner Jaime Navarrete, according to the accusation of the Public Ministry to which he had access Article 66. The victim who appears in the judicial document is the “public security of Nicaraguan society.”

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