Bolivia registers 1,086 Covid-19 cases this Thursday

Bolivia registers 1,086 Covid-19 cases this Thursday

Covid-19 case records in the country They rose again this Thursday and reached 1,086 cases; while the number of recovered doubled the number of positive cases and reached 2,358 patients who defeated the virus. On Wednesday it had dropped to 981 cases for the first time in the month.

As throughout the pandemic, Santa Cruz recorded the highest data with 564 patients who tested positive, Cochabamba 214, La Paz 178, Tarija 28, Pando 25, Beni 24, Potosí 22, Chuquisaca 20 and closed Oruro with 11 people who tested positive for coronavirus.

While the number of deceased reached 16 people throughout the country. La Paz was the department with the most deaths, six in total. The accumulated number of deaths is 21,358.

In the case of the recovered, the numbers are more encouraging, Santa Cruz presented the highest number of people who recovered, 847 in total; Tarija 566, La Paz 370, Cochabamba 164, Potosí 141, Beni 129, Chuquisaca 89, Oruro 4 and Pando closed with 11 recovered patients.

In this way there are already 763,201 people who managed to defeat the virus in the four waves of pandemic that the country experienced.

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