Bolivia has its karate team for the South American Youth Games

Bolivia has its karate team for the South American Youth Games

Three men and three women will represent Bolivia in the discipline of karate in the next South American Youth Games, to be held in the city of Rosario, Argentina, between April 28 and May 8. The Bolivian team was defined after the national held over the weekend in the city of Sucre.

In the female branch, the Santa Cruz will represent our country Sol Sandoval (-53 kg), Isabel Plata from Cochabamba (-57 kg) and Carla Dorado from Chuquisaca (+57kg); while in men the selected ones are Amir Rodríguez from Santa Cruz (-61 kg), Joaquín Argandoña from Chuquisaca (-68 kg) and Matías Leyton from Cochabamba (+68 kg).

The six athletes will be accompanied by the coaches JOsé Bazoalto de Santa Cruz and Álvaro Arnez of the city of Cochabamba.

The national championship that was selective for the South American Youth Games It took place in three tatamis (combat area) of the third phase of the Patria stadium, where around 220 athletes from five departments competed.

According to official data from the Bolivian Karate Federation (Feboka), taking into account the kumite (combat) and kata (forms) modalities, the national was won by Cochabamba by obtaining 38 gold medals, 36 silver and 47 bronze.

The runner-up went to Santa Cruz, who got 33 gold medals, 21 silver and 47 bronze. Chuquisaca completed the podium with 11 gold medals, 21 can and 20 bronze. Then La Paz (1-3-9) and Beni (0-0-1) were located.

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