Bolivia exceeds 200 cases on Sunday and registers 466 recovered people

Bolivia exceeds 200 cases on Sunday and registers 466 recovered people

The Ministry of Health released the daily epidemiological report by Covid-19 corresponding to this Sunday, June 12. Data reported by health authorities They contemplate 201 new cases of Covid-19 in the country. in the same record 466 people recovered from the disease are computed.

The Epidemiological Report 819 corresponding to Sunday acknowledges that 3,266 tests were carried out, of which 201 gave positive results and 3,065 were discarded. The positivity rate is set at 6%, two points below the indicator in Santa Cruz.

The department of Santa Cruz is the one that registers the most new cases with 78 cases. La Paz with 55 and Cochabamba with 39 concentrate the majority of the cases. The central axis houses 85% of the new cases. They follow, by number of cases, Chuquisaca (26), Tarija (1), Potosí (1), Oruro (1). Beni and Pando do not report cases.

The number of recovered doubles that of new cases. The 466 patients who have overcome Covid-19 correspond to the departments of La Paz (257), Santa Cruz (126), Cochabamba (62), Chuquisaca (15), Potosí (3), Beni (2) and Tarija (1). ). In the departments of Pando and Oruro, no recovered patients were recorded.

In total figures, Covid-19 has infected 912,473 people, of which 875,545 have already been recovered. The report does not report any deaths on this Sunday, so the cumulative number of deaths remains at 21,951 deaths.

The infection containment strategy by the Ministry of Health insists on the importance of vaccination. Until now They have been applied 14,019,429 doses between the first, second, third, unit dose and fourth dose.

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