Bolívar's campaign to reach the title

Bolívar’s campaign to reach the title

The numbers fully support the title that Bolíva achievedr in the Apertura de la División Profesional tournament. It is the team that won the most victories and scored the most goals throughout the first tournament of the year.

The La Paz academy played a total of 21 games, taking into account all the phases of the Apertura, won 16 matches, tied only one and lost four. He is the one who achieved the most points during the competition by accumulating 49 units.

In addition, he had the most effective striker in the tournament, since it came to score 53 goals, but it also had the least overcome fence, because it received 12 goals, achieving a goal difference of +41, like no other team.

This is the campaign of the champion of the Apertura tournament:

Group stage

Blooming 0-7 Bolivar

Bolivar 2-0 ‘U’ de Vinto

Independent 1-0 Bolivar

Bolivar 3-0 Always Ready

Real Tomayapo 1-1 Bolivar

The Strongest 0-1 Bolivar

Bolivar 6-0 Royal Paris

Bolivar 0-1 Wilstermann

Bolivar 6-0 blooming

‘U’ for Vinto 1-4 Bolivar

Bolivar 3-1 Independent

Always Ready 1-2 Bolivar

Bolivar 1-0 The Strongest

Bolivar 1-0 Real Tomayapo

Royal Pari 2-1 Bolivar

Wilstermann 1-4 Bolivar

Quarter finals

East L. 1-0 Bolivar

Bolivar (7) 1-0 (6) Middle P.


Blooming 2-3 Bolivar

Bolivar 4-0 blooming


Bolivar 3-0 The Strongest

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