Bolívar Legislative Council disapproves Justo Noguera’s management for alleged corruption

Justo Noguera allegedly irregularly sold more than 900 vehicles belonging to the Government of Bolívar. In addition, the budget was modified without going through the CLEB. An investigation into acts of corruption is carried out by the Public Ministry

Jhoalys Siverio | Mail of the Caroni

The Legislative Council of Bolívar State (CLEB) disproved the memory and account of former Governor Justo Noguera Pietri (PSUV) during the 2021 period, based on a series of complaints that show acts of corruption. One of them even reached the Public Ministry.

The deputy of the opposition caucus for the Democratic Unity faction, Carlos Rodríguez, was the one who denounced since January 2022 the irregularities in the last year of Noguera Pietri’s administration, requesting an investigation by the irregular sale of 974 vehicles belonging to the Government of Bolívar.

On February 11, in an ordinary session, the opposition deputies presented evidence. The directive requested that the case be presented before the Permanent Comptroller’s Commission, chaired by Lisbenio Muñoz.

The case reached the Public Ministry in Caracas. The complaint indicates that on July 31, 2019, the supply and services company Carvenca received authorization to award 974 vehicles from the Government. But it was not until 2021 when the regional executive sent a letter to the CLEB to disincorporate 711 cars and 263 motorcycles.

Rodríguez added that they have information that 160 of those vehicles were destined for the Asfaltos Bolívar plants in Ciudad Bolívar and Puerto Ordaz.

The legislator stressed that the Public Ministry requested the minutes of the ordinary session in which the management of the then governor is approved, which should have been done 120 days after Ángel Marcano took office, and it was not done. He assumes that the pressure forced the ruling party to reject the administration.

What the opposition legislators did not approve was the presentation of the report of the Permanent Comptrollership Commission.

Among the elements that were omitted in said report is a modification of the budget without authorization from the CLEB. Nor does it explain what happened with the disincorporation of pumps from the Caruachi, Puente Blanco and Barrio La Toma aqueducts, nor does it give an account of the hiring of a company to repair the Olympic swimming pool in Ciudad Bolívar; the repair of trunk 10 or the restoration of the Ruiz y Páez hospital.

The deputy of the Guayana Libre platform, Héctor Barrios, pointed out that they did not approve the report “because it was incomplete, rushed and late in delivering it to the deputies. 15 minutes before starting the session was that we knew the content of the report”.

For all the cases you mentioned, additional credits were approved. The lack of information led to the disapproval of the memory and account of Justo Noguera in 2021, in whose vote the legislator of the ruling party Nairobis Guevara abstained, and deputies Francisco Farías and Carlos Zerpa did not attend the session.

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