Boca suffered but in the end he made his hierarchy weigh to beat Central Córdoba de Rosario

Boca suffered but in the end he made his hierarchy weigh to beat Central Córdoba de Rosario

The celebration of Boca’s first goal, by Orsini (Photo: Laura Lescano).

Boca began this Wednesday night with a victory defending the Copa Argentina title by defeating Central Córdoba, from Rosario 4-1 in a complicated match, which remained tied until the middle of the second half, valid for the 32nd final and played at the Mario Kempes stadium. of Córdoba before some 30,000 spectators.

Those led by Sebastián Battaglia scored their goals through Nicolás Orsini (14m. PT and 21m. ST), Luis Vázquez (34m. ST) and 45m. Exequial Zeballos (BJ), from a penalty, while striker Guido Di Vanni put the temporary equalizer for Rosario at 25 minutes of the initial stage.

Orsini’s second goal allowed the ‘xeneize’ to lead the victory that was deserved, although he was upset in the final minutes of the first half, when with the score 1 to 1 the ‘charrúa’, who plays in the First C, arranged a pair of chances to get ahead.

Photo Laura Lescano
(Photo: Laura Lescano).

Boca now waits in the 16th. in the final for the winner of the match between Ferro and JJUrquiza.

On the pleasant night in Cordoba, the cast “Xeneize” quickly imposed conditions, and sought with their offensive power to unbalance against a team from Rosario that was grouped well in their field.

Despite the rival presence, Boca managed it, with good work from Guillermo ‘Pol’ Fernández and Óscar Romero to create the appropriate spaces to put the strikers in scoring position.

Oscar Romero made his debut at the Xeneize Photo Laura Lescano
Oscar Romero made his debut at “Xeneize” (Photo: Laura Lescano).

The first clear chance went to Eduardo Salvio, who headed the ball to the right post of Matías Giroldi, after receiving a good cross from Frank Fabra, and after 10 minutes the second came for Salvio, who was left hand in hand with the goalkeeper, who covered just enough and saved the first fall of his fence.

The opening of the score came when Romero with a great clearance left Orsini alone in the area, and the former Lanús took his time to get in a good position and with a high shot defeated Giroldi’s resistance to put the 1 to 0.

With the result in favor, the ‘xeneize’ domain was increased, and the rival, although cautious, began to advance on the field to seek equality, which came after a center by Bautista Carrera from the left and a goal by Di Vanni, who won at height against the static of Boca’s last line and with a header he sent the ball to the back of the net for 1 to 1.

The match went back and forth in the final moments of the initial stage, a couple of wasted options between Salvio and Orsini, deprived Boca of getting back on top, although the Rosario were not far behind and also complicated García with two very clear options at the feet of midfielder Gonzalo Gómez.

Photo Laura Lescano
(Photo: Laura Lescano).

Before halftime, Boca’s bewilderment was complete, he couldn’t recover the ball and Tomás Gaitán was the one who arranged another chance with a powerful shot that went just above the crossbar, while in the area in front Orsini almost converted the second, but Paulo Killer took the shot over the line, when Giroldi was already defeated.

Before 10 minutes into the complement, Romero missed an incredible shot and missed the goal when the goal was completely empty, so Battaglia’s men were still unable to get ahead on the scoreboard.

Central Córdoba no longer showed the round trip of the first half and The new advantage for Boca came with Orsini’s second goal, which opened the possibility for his team to lead the victory.

The victory was extended with the goals of the entered Vázquez and Zeballos, the latter from a penalty, to round off a victory that was deserved although in some passages it cost more than necessary.

Boca returns to Buenos Aires to await next Sunday’s match against Huracán for the League Cup.

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